Ap 2 + 2 pers,6st Floor, First line, WIFI, AA, parking,

Ap, 2+2, ground floor, private garden, AA, WIFI, pool (IN/OUT), 900 m from beach

Bungalow, 5 pers, simple, Piscine com, 400 m from the beach

ap, 4 pers, 3rd floor 450 from beach, AA, wifi, pool, garage

Ap 4 pers, 3rd floor, first line, WIFI, parking, pool

ap 4+1, 9th floor, WIFI, AA, Swimming pool, 1 km from beach

ap 4 pers, AA, WIFI, 2 bedrooms, 400 m from beach

Bungalow for 4 at 50 meters from the sandy beach.

Bungalow 4 pers, WIFI, Aircon, Garden, 2 floors, Pool, parking

Bungalow 4+2, garden, AA, WIFI, pool, 2 floors, 50 m from beach

ap 6 pers, 3ra planta, WIFI, Pool, parking, 200 m from the beach

nice small apartment for a couple and 2 kids max, 4th floor, sea view, WIFI, aircon, swimming pool

Bungalow 4 pers, pool, parking

Apartment 4 pers, WIFI, Parking, swimming pool, front line

Bung, 6 pers, WIFI, AA, Pool, parking, 700 m from sea front

Ap 6 pers, 2nd floor, AA, WIFI, pool, garage, 400 m from beach

Villa, 4+1, AA, WIFI, parking, punto de agua, 200 m from beach

Ap first line, first floor, 6 pers, AA, WIFI, garage, pool

ap 4+2, 2nd floor, 1rst line, WIFI, piscina, parking

Located in the very heart of the village of Aigües, Villa Maria is quite a unique house high up on the edge of the village. The house has been thoroughly renovated giving it a touch of modernism, high standard of comfort and the most up-to-date equipment possible. The house is love at first sight, offering 3 bedrooms and 2 shower rooms. It offers generous exterior areas and spectacular views delivering a 180° panorama to the sea, to the village and to the mount Cabeço d'Or.

Ap 4+2, 25th floor, AA, WIFI, pools (in/out), 150 m from beach

ap, 4+1, 6th floor, 1rst line, AA, WIFI, terrace, parking, pool

Ap 6 pers, 1rst floor, WIFI, pool, parking

Ap 6 pers, 10th floor, WIFI, pool, parking, 250 m from beach

modern apartment 3 bedrooms for max 5 pers, 2 bathrooms, AA, WIFI, urbanization with pool, sport field and parking in the center of Campello

Ap, 4+2, 6th floor, WIFI, AA, Parking, pool, 200 m from the beach

Ap, 4 pers, WIFI, AA, zwembad, garage, 50 m van zee, center Campello

nice and large ap, centrical, 6 pers, AA, WIFI, 50 m from the beach

Ap 6 pers, 9th floor, WIFI, Pool, garage

ap 3 bedrooms, 6 pers, 5th floor, center of Campello, AA, WIFI

Cosi Apartment 6 pers, Center, wifi, AA , swimming pool, parking

Bungalow 4 pers, WIFI, Aircon, 2 stores, pool, parking, 50 m from beach

ap 4+2, sea front , 3rd floor, AA, WIFI, pool, garage

ap 4+2, center campello, 7th floor, AA, WIFI, pool, parking,

Ap 6 pers, 11th floor, WIFI, AA, piscina, 1st line, Garage

Ap 6 pers, 1st floor, center Village, WIFI, AA, piscina,parking

duplex, 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, max 4 pers, AA, WIfi, pool, garage

Ap 2 pers, AA, WIFI, 12tht floor, above the harbour

modern 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, WIFI, AA, center of Campello

Ap 6 pers, 2nd floor, 1rst line, large terrace, WIFI, AA, parking

Duplex, ground floor & 1st floor, 6 pers, privat terraces, pool, garage, WIFI, AA

Luxury ap, 6 pers, 5th floor, 1rst line, WIFI, Aircon, parking

ap 6 pers, 2nd floor, big terrace, AA, WIFI, 1rst line, parking

very nice littel villa in an urbanization, 6 pers, WIFI, AA, private garden, shared pool, parking, 800 m from sea

Ap, 6 pers, first line 7th floor, AA, WIFI, pool, squash, multi sport, garage

luxury Ap 6 pers, 10th floor, terrace, WIFI, AA, parking, first line

stunning appartment 11th floor, 6 pers, WIFI, AA, parking, first line

beautiful ap, 7th floor, 8 pers, first line AA, WIFI, sauna, piscina, parking

large ground floor villa for 8+2, WIFI, Aircon, private pool, 12km from sea front

Unique, bright, spacious and modern 5 bedr, 4 bathr, duplex with terrace and garden. Wonderful sea views.

Villa 10+1 pers, private pool, AA, WIFI, parking, petanque, BBQ, 800 m from beach

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